Enchanted Chains Jewelry
Enchanted Chains Jewelry is the ultimate realization and marriage of Melissa and Jesse's decade-long dreams. Creatively
utilizing Anodized Aluminum, Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Anodized Niobium, Brass, Stainless Steel and Copper, our jewelry
is inspired by chain maille armour patterns of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Each piece is hand woven and unique,
built by us and a few of our very talented friends. All of our jewelry is hand made in the United States of America by
self-employed artists.
Traveling the country in our RV with our quality control consultant, Bella Donna (a rescued
sheltie), we demonstrate our art, build custom pieces and sell our work at Renaissance Festivals
in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Wisconsin. Please feel free to check out our
photographs, some of Melissa's poetry, and our faire blog on facebook.
http://www.facebook.com/EnchantedChainsJewelry. Please "like" us. When not traveling, Melissa,
Jesse and Bella live in Pinellas Park, Florida.

To purchase online please drop us an email or see our Etsy shop at